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Care & Maintenance of Natural Fibres

To ensure your capet keep their appearance it is necessary to maintain a regular cleaning routine including the immediate attention to any spillages.
Due to their nature, some natural fibre floorcoverings e.g jute and sisal (particularly the lighter shades), are prone to water marking when water is spilt onto them.
To minimise this problem and also to improve the overall staining properties of the product, we recommend that their natural floorcoverings are treated with INTEC, Crucial Trading’s stain inhibition system, applied at the factory prior to delivery and fitting of your carpets.

The use of a barrier mat, e.g. coir at the entrance to premises greatly reduces the amount of dirt being walked into an area.
Natural floorcoverings are extremely absorbent and should therefore only be used indoors and away from areas of excessive moisture.
Under no circumstances should they be wet shampooed or wet cleaned.


It is easier to remove surface dirt from a floorcovering than embedded dirt. a light cleaning with a non-beater bar vacuum cleaner will remove surface dirt before it becomes embedded in the floorcovering. Because of their latex backing, which prevents dust and dirt build-up beneath the floorcovering, natural fibre floorcoverings offer fairly easy and basic maintenance and cleaning. Crucial Trading recommends a suction cleaner without beater bars since the latter can cause some damage to the surface of the floorcovering. In cases of heavy soiling with mud etc. the soil should be allowed to dry, then using a stiff brush along the weave structure, brush the soil and then vacuum with the suction cleaner.

Jute products or light coloured floorcovering are not recommended for areas susceptible to soiling or heavy use.


It is recommended that all areas fitted with natural floorcoverings be given a thorough vacuum at least once a week using a non-beater bar suction type cleaner.


In the case of severe spillages, we recommend the Crucial Trading Stain removal & Cleaning Set.
The set comes complete with cleaning solutions, applicators and full instructions.


Prompt action when dealing with spillages will minimise staining. The cleaning kit is available from us and it is recommended that this be purchased at the same time as the floorcovering so that prompt action can be taken in the event of an accident.