It all began in 1955 when Francisco Rocha, father of 8 children and employee in a cork factory for many years, started a small cork stoppers production. As the family business grew, his sons started their own cork industries. In the seventies the 5 cork factories owned by the family Figueiredo da Rocha were, together, a major producer of cork stoppers.
It was when the oldest of the brothers, José, thought it was essential for the family to create value from the cork waste produced by their factories. So, in 1972, GRANORTE was founded, aiming to recycle the cork waste from the wine cork stoppers manufacturing industry.

Since the beginning we have dedicated our attention to product research and development, resulting on innovative production processes and technical excellence.
Our significant know-how in cork allowed us to develop into an expanding producer of technical solutions using this material. Today, GRANORTE is a leading sustainable flooring manufacturer, producer of thrilling environmentally responsible products.